Welcome to my journey.

This first post is going to be a quick one for me. I am taking a leap and trying a few new things. The first being that I am trying a blog on wordpress, so if things look a little wonky please give me time to learn all the new things here.

Second, I want to try to focus on being more positive this year.  I hope to do this in a few ways. I would like to think of a positive thought or saying each day to help keep me in a better frame of mind. Another way I want to stay positive is to write down memories or stories from my childhood that are good to me. I will be sharing some of these stories here in the future. One thing I have always wanted to try to do is to keep a journal, this will be my journal of sorts. If I have something I want to talk about I will be posting here and hoping to get feedback as to what your thoughts are. I don’t want this site to become a place to come and complain I would like to try and stay upbeat that way if I am having a bad day I can come here to change things about the day.

I look forward to this new journey and hope to see some of you join me along the way.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to my journey.

  1. Looks good Angela. I love posting positive sayings on my FB page. I also keep a positive journal and jot down positive things that happen each day. I look forward to your future postings.

  2. What a lovely idea … we can all use a little more positivity in our lives. I keep a journal next to the spot that I have my morning coffee and I try to write down a positive thought every day. It really sets the tone of my day. Hopefully, recording your positive thoughts and memories will set a lovely tone to your days … and ours as well! 🙂

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