This is the time of the year that everyone likes to set goals for themselves. I am not generally one to do that. To me I think why set yourself up to fail, no I don’t mean to say that you are a failure, it just means that people tend to set goals for themselves that are not realistic. 

It seems most of the goals I set for myself are usually book related. I want to sign up for every challenge that I see. To most people books are boring and don’t mean much to them, well not me. Books are my life as I like to say. If you see me you will usually see a book. I never leave home without it as the old saying goes. When I see a challenge for reading books my eyes glass over and I think ooh a shiny new toy and in my mind I can do this. Well I am not a fast reader and no matter how much I try I won’t be able to do all the challenges I want to. Unfortunately I have to work to pay those pesky bills, eat and to buy more books. This year I have limited myself to three challenges and I can combine them so I am confident I will climb my personal mountain all the way to the top. Well that is my book goal for the year. 

I also have a personal goal to achieve this year and I am bound and determined I am going to do it. My personal goal this year is to be more positive. I have a calender that is kind of like a journal and each day I am going to write down something positive. It can be as little as a saying or quote or something as large as a kind act done to me or by me. There is no limit and some days may be better than others and have more than one thing written down. I have another lady/friend doing this as well and I hope she will continue to help me stay on track and provide the encouragement I may need some days. 

So how about you? Do you have any goals that you would like to set this year? Have you completed a goal in the past you want to share? How about some tips for keeping yourself on track? I would love to hear from you. 

* I know some of this may be repeated from the first post and apologize for that. I had this post all written when I started my blog and then realized I left it at work. I just went back to work today so I was able to get it and share it with you all. 

My positive thought for today – I am happy my dad is doing better after this back surgery then he did after the first one. 

3 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Hi Angela,
    Glad to hear you are keeping up with writing down something positive each day. I am keeping up with mine too. So far so good. Determination and because we want to do this will make us succeed. Keep up the good work,.

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