Positive Tips for a Toxic Work Environment

I am currently working through some issues at my work place, so I thought what a good time to address this. I am not happy where I am at and have some issues with a co-worker that makes it hard to come to work. 

We all have bad days at work and count the hours until we are done. On Monday we wish for Wednesday so we know the week is half over. On Wednesday we wish for Friday as then our week is completed. Then on Sunday you dread Monday as you have to start all over again. So what can you do to help fix it?

Some things I am trying out is think positive thoughts throughout the day. Maybe read some positive quotes. I also have pictures of my kids as well as nieces and nephews. I like to look at the smiles on their faces to help get me through a rough moment. If you don’t work at a desk carry a picture in your pocket and take it out and look at it as needed. 

Take deep breaths – this may not make the situation go away but it will help to calm you down. Get away for a few minutes. Take your break or lunch to get out of the office and get a breath of fresh air or change your environment for a few moments. If you are not able to leave work, take a few minutes to go to the restroom just to have a few moments to yourself and to give yourself a timeout. 

Try to focus on the good things about your job or the people you work with. Sometimes it is the little things you have to look at to find something good. Like a project you got complemented on, a pat on the back you received, or a friendly co-worker. 

Get the negative out whether you have to vent on a friend or keep a journal. Just try your best not to let it build up to the point that you explode. 

If none of these things are helping you then it may be time to go down the road to the next venture in your life. 

I hope some of these things will help you. Do you have any tips you would like to share with me? I would love to hear them. 

Thanks for listening to me ramble.


4 thoughts on “Positive Tips for a Toxic Work Environment

  1. Great ideas Angela! I love posting positve quotes on my FB page. I try to do at least one daily. I also record it into my positive journal which I started on 1/1.

  2. Love your tips for thinking positive in the workplace! The only other idea that comes to mind is to use music, either on a low volume at your desk, or using headphones..( or maybe listen to a audio book while at work )

    • I have done both the book and music before. I am one of those weird people where that bugs me though, lol, but you are right that is a very good suggestion as well. Thanks

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