My Dream Vacation


Have you ever wanted to go somewhere so bad you could almost taste it and you think about it almost daily? Well that is how I feel about Europe, especially Italy.

I fell in love with Italy after seeing the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. There is something about the beautiful scenery that makes me want to stop and just breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the view. The people Italy also seem to have a different view of life than we do here. They seem to be able to relax and enjoy life – not rushing through it and hating it so much like we do in our country.

Where would my first stop be? That is a hard question but I am going to say Rome. Since I love history and there is a lot of it there, that would seem the logical place to start with. I would have to see the Colosseum of course. Can you imagine the size of that place and all that has happened there? There are many museums, fountains and gardens to see like – The Capitoline Museum, Villa Borghese and Trevi Fountain just to name a few. I could go on and on with places to see. 



Next stop would be Florence, Italy. Recently I read a book that was set there and found out that is where the original sculpture of David is kept. Florence is new to me so it would be fun to learn and explore all of their history as well. I have read there is a lot of history in art in this city. 



Venice, The Floating City, what a fascinating place that would be to visit.  In Venice you use boats/gondolas to get around the city or you walk as they do not use cars, which I think is very unique. Venice is very well known for its architecture so it would be amazing to just walk the streets and stand in awe. 



Let us not forget all of the great food I have to try while there. The fresh mozzarella, I could just feel it melting in my mouth. The Pasta – freshly made, traditional Italian pizza, again I could go on and on with my list.

For now I will continue to dream and plan then when the time comes I will be prepared to go on my dream vacation.  I will be visiting Italy often through my many books until I can make my journey.

Where does your dream vacation take you? Do you have your trip all planned out for the time you get to make that journey?

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