Memories of Melva



A little over a week ago we lost my great Aunt Melva and it got me to thinking of days gone by. I remember going to Vermillion so see Melva, John, Ruby and Ted, as kids and adults we used to look forward to going there. Even though there were no toys for us to play with as kids we still enjoyed going there. She would tell us stories of our family and you could just sit and listen to her for hours. I think her and her sister Ruby’s favorite word is/was “honestly”. Ruby is still with us and I hope to visit her again and listen to more stories. They both use that word so much that I can hear them saying that right now. I can even hear Melva’s laugh and her telling the story of my mom saying “neva mind” when she was little. Melva was crippled by polio when she was very young but that did not stop her from being a go getter. She had many friends in the town she lived and and will be missed by everyone who has ever met her. Another story that she liked to tell my kids when we would go see her is the story of when my daughter Rachel fell down her stairs and my dad jumped up to go rescue her. Melva also loved to get fried chicken from Toby’s, so sometimes we would make sure to get her some. It was fun to watch her eat a chicken leg as she would lick that bone clean and make sure she got all the meat from it. I remember a time when John (her husband) took us out to their farm to look around. I had so much fun that day and could have taken home so much stuff that most would call junk, but dad, John and I had fun that day. I like telling people that she was my little Norweigan aunt but her personality made her anything but small. Melva will have lots of stories to tell in Heaven and I know John was there to greet her with open arms. Until I see you again Melva – I will cherish your memories. 



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