What Makes You Happy?

What Makes You Happy?



Lately it seems I have felt a little down and could use a pick me up. I can cry at the drop of a hat, Scott and I bicker, I feel as if everything I do is wrong and people are always upset with me. So I found this book and thought oh maybe this will help me. I am now in the process of reading it; it is called The Happiness Handbook by Jenn Flaa and the first thing the book asks is: What makes you happy?

When I first read this I had to stop and think what really makes me happy and I am still thinking, the first thing came to mind for me was the random text messages Scott used to send me during the day.  Scott used to send me funny little texts sometimes and when I would get them, I would smile and they would help to make my day better. Here lately those texts have stopped and I don’t think he realizes how much they meant to me. Last night I told him about it so we shall see.


Another thing that makes me happy is when my kids do things around the house without being asked or if I do ask they do them without complaining. Sometimes kids don’t realize that the complaining gets to you after awhile. How about the phone calls with my nieces and nephews they make me smile and sometimes laugh a little. I also enjoy thinking of memories of family that are no longer with us.

When you stop and think about it you must remember the small things that make you happy not just dwell on what makes you sad or angry. I know for me sometimes this is easier said than done.  I am hoping by reading this book it will help me to see and do things a little easier and keep me on the track to being a happier person.

What are some things in your life that make you happy?




4 thoughts on “What Makes You Happy?

  1. Sounds like a interesting book! I agree with you..kids should do things around the house “without” complaining! ( that would be awesome! ) =)
    The things that make me happy include…..a soft moonlit night, a Mexican Dinner ( that I didnt have to cook )…a good book,… a vanilla Dr. Pepper and most importantly good friends to talk to.

  2. I agree with Melissa. It does sound like an interesting book. Have you been keeping up with the Positive Journal that we talked about in Jan.? I haven’t been writing in mine everyday like I was but I do write in it several times a week.
    The things that make me happy are when I meet my walking goal of 10,000 steps 3 times a week and maintaining my weight, going to my Weight Watchers’ meetings weekly and chatting with one another. Another happy thing is reading a good book and my hubby and I hanging out with good friends and going out to dinner. I also am happy when my daughter and son-in-law and my son come to visit.

    • Those are all good things to make you happy. I must admit I do not write in my journal like I wanted to but I do try to find things that will help me. I have another post I want to write in the next couple of days that has something that I think you may like too. So keep your eyes peeled.

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