Are you a list maker?

ImageI love to make lists for lots of different things. I have lists of books I want to read, list of books I need to review, what to take when I am going on a trip, what groceries to buy, what we are having for supper this week, well you get the picture.

There are many different reasons you can make a list – the most popular reason being so we don’t forget something. You can also make lists to help relieve stress, give you a goal to work towards or to help you to be more organized. 


I have a book that I think is a fun way to make lists – it is listography, they have many different versions of their book and even have a website to make your own list. Here is the link Be sure to check out their list of books and find one that is right for you. 



I have found this new website that I love and have been following each week. It is She does a great job on her blog. The part of her blog that I love the most is the 52 Lists project. Each week she gives you a topic on which you will make your list, provides you with a downloadable page to make your list on and her reason for using the subject. Many people link up their list to the page each week so you can get some fun ideas from others. I like this because it is a fun way to find out more about yourself. I encourage you to all join in and do your own 52 lists, it is never to late to start. 

ImagePersonally I am going to use the 52 Lists Project to help me think of things good in my which in turn can help me with the positive thinking. I also am starting a list today of my top 13 things that make me happy. This is the first step I need to do in my book The Happiness Handbook. 

So are you a list maker? What are some reasons you make a list? Is there a list you would like to share with us? Good luck and have fun joining in on the 52 Lists Project. 


One thought on “Are you a list maker?

  1. Very interesting post! =)
    Thanks for the links, they look very helpful! I make lists for going grocery shopping…things Im grateful for, books I want to read and social sites that I dont want to forget about.
    Im going to follow the 52 Lists Project for more great ideas! Thanks!

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