Long time no post


It has been awhile since I have had a post on here and I am hoping to be better at posting more often.


Awhile back I told you about this website I found that has a project called 52 lists. I have been collecting the lists ideas but have not made my list yet. Well there is no time like the present to start. I may post more than one list at a time just to play catch up. Feel free to include things from your own list here or leave a link to a list you have made. One more thing before I start my first list. Mooreaseal is running a little behind on her posting of the new topics so if you go to her website and think you can’t find something recent just be patient as she will get them posted soon. Here is the link to her 52 Lists Project. http://www.moorea-seal.com/p/52-lists.html *My lists are in no particular order. Enjoy.


Week 1 – List the words that touch your soul.

Week 1 – List the words that touch your soul.

This was a tough one for me as I don’t think of words or things in that way. So I had to read Moreaseal’s description and then look at a couple of other’s lists to get me started.

mom          sister          daughter         wife          trust           truthfulness           strength

caring   nature   love   peace   faith    dedicated    hope    healthy   calming    family    cozy           books   healing  travel   passion   together   happiness     dreams   inspiration   travel   passion   honesty   kindness   goodness   partners


Week 2 – List your greatest comforts

Week 2 – List your greatest comforts.

This list was kind of good to think of things in my life that bring me comfort or make me happy.

reading a book          taking a hot bath     hanging out with Scott      being in a quiet room      taking a nice ride      favorite blanket      petting the cats     talking to my son     writing             watching videos of my nephew David   talking with my nieces and nephews on the phone            being around my brother   watching tv with Rachel     chatting with my sister                        sitting outside reading      day dreaming


2 thoughts on “Long time no post

  1. These are great lists! Some of my greatest comforts would be…being with my family, reading, watching great movies, and Iced Tea.
    Have a great day!

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